Playpen Foam Mats

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Tekplas’ Play Pen Foam Mats are the perfect solution to providing a soft impact area and finishing for your child’s playpen.

Should you have any bespoke requirements for the matting area please contact us

You are buying the play mats only, the playpen is not included.

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Tekplas’ 12mm thick Play Pen Foam Mats are a safe solution to flooring for the Baby, Toddler and Children Playpens .  The offer a soft impact area should a child fall and provide the area with a comforting base.

The installation is very easy as the mats themselves are interlocking very similar to a jigsaw puzzle. You will not need to use the edging trims on the mats. Should you wish to achieve an ultimately snug fit the mats may require a little trimming. The mats fit inside the playpen, if you want the playpen to sit on the mats, please contact us.

  • High Quality
  • Made from Eva Foam
  • Durable for Indoor or Outdoor use
  • Very Hygienic
  • Easy Clean Wipeable Surface
  • Coloured
  • 32cm x 32xm x 12mm

The mats are resistant to moisture and can be used both indoors and outdoors and the easy wipe surface can be wiped with ordinary household disinfectants or even washed in a garden environment with a hose should it become exposed to dirt or debris.


We offer multi-colour packs and the following single colours which can be mixed and matched, White, Pink, Blue, Slate Grey. Simply put which colours you wish to purchase in the colour box.


Play Mat Sizes Explained, Please Read Carefully

4 Panel Play Pen 130cm x 130cm or 6 Panel Play Pen 130cm x 252cm Play Mat Fitting

We offer two types of fitment for the above size, either inside the play pen or the play pen to sit on top of the play mats.

For our play mats to fit inside the 130cm x 130cm or 130cm x 252cm they will require a very small amount of trimming.

4 Panel Play Pen 110cm x 110cm or 6 Panel Play Pen 110cm x 212cm Play Mat Fitting

With our smaller size play pen, the play pen will only sit on top of the mats. So when selecting the correct number of play mats, please only choose from 16 or 32 play mats. Depending on whether you puchase a 4 panel or 6 panel play pen. If you want the play mats to fit inside it is possible, you will need to trim around the internal part of the play pen for them the play mats to fit inside. A sharp pair of scissors will be required, it will cut easily.

Please note: This is for play mats only, the play pen is not included

Play Mat Fitment

16 Mats (To Fit Inside a 4 Panel Play Pen), 25 Mats ( To Sit On Top Of A 4 Panel Play Pen), 32 Mats (To Fit Inside A 6 Panel Play Pen), 45 Mats (To Fit On Top Of A 6 Panel Play Pen), 64 Mats (To Fit Inside A 8 Panel Play Pen), 81 Mats ( To Fit On Top Of A 8 Panel Play Pen)


Multi-Coloured, White/Pink/Blue/Slate Grey

2 reviews for Playpen Foam Mats

  1. Pascale Hodge

    The Tekplas playpen is an excellent product, really pleased and my grandson loves it. Superb service from start to finish. Would highly recommend. Thank you. Pascale Hodge

  2. Sharon J

    Thanks Tekplas For Your Excellent Service, the play pens are great!! Very child friendly and quick to put together and take apart. And the mats are the best quality I have come across. Thanks Sharon J

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