Whelping Box and Playpen Front Door Panel

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Tekplas’ Puppy, Kitten and Pet Pens can now be upgraded to have a single door panel installed if you purchased one without.


LEAD TIMES: Typical lead time is 15 working day(s). All orders are built to order in our UK factory.
  • White
    Dark Grey
  • 50cm
  • 25mm
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Tekplas believe its important for you to keep up with our forever changing product range with the introduction of the Playpen / Whelping Box Door enables you to install a door on your product where you may not have previously specified this with your order or if you were an early valued customer you may not have had the option to include a door with your order

This is easy to install simply slide out your existing panel and replace it with the door panel. You will need to drill a 13mm hole into your existing post to allow the slide lock to lock the door to the post.

Purchasing this door panel will also allow your whelping box and playpen to become two separate items, which might be useful for the later stages of whelping and development, as you can pack the whelping box away and use the playpen separately.

The easy wipe surface can be wiped with ordinary household disinfectants or even washed in a garden environment with a hose or pressure washer should it become exposed to dirt or debris.

  • High-Quality PVC Product
  • Strong Rigid Construction
  • Very Hygienic
  • Easy Clean Wipeable Surface
  • Durable for Indoor or Outdoor use

PLEASE NOTE:  You will only receive the front panel with the door from the picture when buying this item, the whelping box and playpen are extra.

Select Colour

White, Brown, Dark Grey


50cm, 60cm, 75cm

Gap between Slats

25mm, 50mm


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