Plastic Puppy Playpen with Sleeping Compartment

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Tekplas’ Puppy Playpen with Sleeping Compartment is an excellent product to provide your puppy or pet with a home like environment . The ample sized pen area can be used for play whilst the sleeping area can be used to store your pets comforts such as a dog basket or bed these act as a great training aid for all pets enabling them to understand rest and play areas.

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  • High Quality PVC Product
  • Strong Rigid Construction
  • Very Hygienic
  • Quick Assembly and Disassembly
  • Gap Between Slats 25mm / 50mm
  • Optional Door Feature
  • Modular Enabling Panel Extension to Increase Play Area and Sleeping Compartment(s)
  • Easy Clean Wipeable Surface
  • Durable for Indoor or Outdoor use


These pens are available in two different heights and can be expanded to cover a larger area if need be, contact us with your bespoke requirements.
Typical lead time is 10-12 working day(s). All orders are built to order in our UK factory.
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Tekplas’ Plastic Puppy Playpen and Kitten Playpens with a Sleeping Compartment are a great way to introduce the new family pet to your home environment.  These enclosures are safe for both humans and animals and are a lightweight PVC construction and require no tools for assembly or disassembly and is easy to store away for use at a later date.

This pen is a modular system enabling you to add more PVC panels at a later date should you need to increase the play area, sleeping compartment size or create a additional sleeping compartment with ease.

The easy wipe surface can be wiped with ordinary household disinfectants or even washed in a garden environment with a hose or pressure washer should it become exposed to dirt or debris.

Play Pen & Sleeping Compartment External Sizes

Play Pen & 50cm Deep Sleeping Compartment = 1.3m (wide) by 1.875m (long)

Play Pen & 75cm Deep Sleeping Compartment = 1.3m (wide) by 2.125m (long)

Play Pen & 1m Deep Sleeping Compartment = 1.3m (wide) by 2.375m (long)

See our YouTube Video below showing the ease of assembly and disassembly of the Tekplas Whelping Box and Puppy Playpen

Weight 18 kg

500mm, 750mm

Sleeping Compartment

500mm Deep Sleeping Compartment, 750mm Deep Sleeping Compartment, 1m Deep Sleeping Compartment

Gaps Between Slats

25mm, 50mm

Door Option On Play Pen

No Door, Add Door Option

1 review for Plastic Puppy Playpen with Sleeping Compartment

  1. Hazel

    Just received the whelping box and playpen, sturdy, very good quality construction, easy to assemble, this is definitely a premium product. The salesman was polite, professional and helpful.
    We’ll worth the money, would recommend the product to anyone looking for a whelping box.

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