Plastic Whelping Box & Puppy Playpen

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Our Plastic Whelping Box with a Puppy Playpen is a versatile product which has been designed alongside some of the UK’s top dog breeders enabling dogs to have a safe and comfortable environment during and after birth.

The added Puppy Playpen lets the new puppies a safe place to integrate and grow and play.

Typical lead time is 15 working day(s). All orders are built to order in our UK factory.
  • White
  • 50cm
  • 1.3metre
  • 25mm
  • No
  • None
    Whelping Area
    Floor Throughout
- +

Our Whelping Box and Puppy Playpen come in various sizes and colours. We can also supply an extra panel & two posts if required so that the whelping box and playpen can also be used as two separate items.

We can also offer a floor in the whelping box area only or playpen area as well if required, please contact us via email or telephone.

  • High-Quality PVC Product
  • Strong Rigid Construction
  • Very Hygienic
  • Quick Assembly and Disassembly
  • Easy Clean Wipeable Surface
  • Durable for Indoor or Outdoor use
  • Manufactured in the UK by Tekplas
  • We Can Also Provide A Hole For Heat Mats, Please contact us

The widths of our whelping boxes and playpens can be made smaller at no extra charge, we can also shorten the length of the playpen panels if required for no extra charge. Should you require any bespoke sizes contact us with your bespoke requirements.


Sizes Explained

Our playpens are 1.3m (W) x 1.3m (L) this size including the posts.

Our side playpen panels are connected to the front of the box panel. So the 1.3m in (length) includes the front playpen panel posts and the front whelping box panel posts. The whelping box length is the distance between the front whelping box panel and the back whelping box panel.

For example, a 1m Long Whelping Box would give you a 1m internal size between the front and back panels. Below are the overall sizes of the playpens and whelping boxes together.

The playpen door panel can be switched to either side if required rather than on the front.


External Dimensions

Playpen & 50cm Long Whelping Box – Width: 1.3m by Length: 1.875m

Playpen & 75cm Long Whelping Box – Width: 1.3m  by Length: 2.125m

Playpen & 1m Long Whelping Box – Width: 1.3m by Length: 2.375m

Playpen & 1.3m Long Whelping Box – Width: 1.3m  by Length: 2.525m


See our YouTube Video below showing the ease of assembly and disassembly of the Tekplas Whelping Box and Puppy Playpen

Weight 18 kg
Select Colour

White, Brown, Grey


50cm, 60cm, 75cm

Whelping Box Length

1.3metre, 1metre, 50cm, 75cm

Gap between Slats

25mm, 50mm

Door Required

No, Yes

Floor Option

None, Whelping Area, Floor Throughout

7 reviews for Plastic Whelping Box & Puppy Playpen

  1. John Oats

    The perfect whelping box, so robust!! Not like the other cheap thin flimsy plastic whelping boxes for sale online. Really happy with our purchase. Thank you tekplas

  2. Vicki Charlton

    Loving the new Tekplas grey colour, our whelping box looks epic in grey. Its very sturdy!! Great investment if your planning on breeding

  3. Robert Holland

    What a product, really happy with the quailty. Well done Tekplas

  4. Julie

    After a long search for the ‘perfect’ whelping box and puppy pen at a reasonable price I found Tekplas. The staff are friendly and so helpful, and the product is fantastic, and just what we needed. It has had so many positive comments, when new families collect their pups. Order with confidence from Tekplas. Julie from Crystalwood Cockapoos of Devon”.

  5. Jane Saunders

    Fantastic Product!! Really well built, easy to put together.

    Very very happy!!

  6. Hazel Montaigue

    Just received the whelping box and playpen, sturdy, very good quality construction, easy to assemble, this is definitely a premium product. The salesman was polite, professional and helpful.
    We’ll worth the money, would recommend the product to anyone looking for a whelping box.

  7. Paula Summers

    Have received not only my whelping box but my first litter in it. It’s a fantastic Beast of a box!!! I can tinker with all the sides so I can easily reach into the box from my bed. A single piece for the door to kept pups safe for now. The other sides are at full height. Built in pig rails made life easy last night. I got the taller version because of collies and the 1.2 metre box. Plenty of room for me to get in and sit with her during the whelping, took my weight as well. Only extra I’d like is a gap for heat pad wire to go through but it’s awesome!!!!

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