Picket Style Fencing Gates

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    Tekplas Picket Fence Gates are manufactured in the UK ensuring a great quality product with the best durability. Our picket fencing gate gives an opening to your picket fence run.

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    Tekplas Picket Fencing Gates are safe for both humans and animals and are a lightweight PVC construction and are easily installed upon our Tekplas Outdoor Fencing System product range.

    • High Quality PVC Product
    • Strong Rigid Construction
    • Suitable for Indoor and Outdoor Use
    • Easy To Clean
    • Easy to Install
    • Hygienic

    The easy wipe surface can be wiped clean with ordinary household disinfectants or washed with a pressure washer or hose pipe keeping your child or pet safe at all times.

    Gates are complete with Fitting Kit consisting of:

    • Hinges
    • Screws
    • Latch Type:  Metal Thumb Latch

    Tekplas Picket Style Gate Explained

    This product allows you to add a Tekplas Picket Style Gate to your Tekplas Picket Style Fencing that you have already purchased or going to purchase. If you want to replace a panel with a gate. You can order just the gate, or if your adding a gate to the start or end of a fencing run and already have a post at the start or end. You can buy a gate and a post.

    The gate width depends on how the posts have been fixed. If the posts have or are going to be cemented into the ground or fixed with our solid floor fixings. You can order a gate up to 1135mm wide. If the post is fitted to our temporary stabilising feet, we would recommend going no wider than 900mm.

    No posts or 1 x post example

    Our posts are 75mm square and if your adding a gate and 1 x post to a gap of 800mm. You need to do the following. Minus 1 x post from 800mm leaving 725mm, then remove a further 20mm of clearance, giving you 10mm of clearance between the posts and gate. Allowing the gate to open and close correctly. This gives you an actual gate size of 705mm. You would then chose 1 x post and put in the actual gate size box 705mm.

    No posts you would only remove the 20mm from the 800mm giving you a gate size of 780mm wide, again this would be the size you would enter into the actual gate size box.


    Fence Plan

    Send us your plan and we will work out your complete fencing area. These will also be suitable for other types of fencing you may have, please contact us with your bespoke requirements.

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