Picket Style Fencing Gates

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    Tekplas Picket Fence Gates are manufactured in the UK ensuring a great quality product with the best durability.

    • High Quality PVC Product
    • Strong Rigid Construction
    • Suitable for Indoor and Outdoor Use
    • Easy To Clean
    • Easy to Install
    • Very Hygienic



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    Tekplas Picket Fencing Gates are safe for both humans and animals and are a lightweight PVC construction and are easily installed upon our Tekplas Outdoor Fencing System product range.

    The easy wipe surface can be wiped clean with ordinary household disinfectants or washed with a pressure washer or hose pipe keeping your child or pet safe at all times.

    Gates are complete with Fitting Kit consisting of:

    • Hinges
    • Screws
    • Latch Type:  Metal Thumb Latch

    Tekplas Picket Style Gate Options Explained

    If your gate is going between existing panels brought from Tekplas or buying it along with our Tekplas Picket Style Fencing you have serveral options, either gate option will work out fine, as you have posts either side, but if your gate is going on the beginning or end of a fence run you will need to purchase a single post to either start or finish the gate/fencing run. Please go to 500-1000mm Finishing Post and select the height and colour required. Or if your gate is simply on its own and needs posts either side. Please go to our Gate Section on the website, and futher down the Gate Page you will see our other Small Slatted Gate, which will be more suitable.

    Tekplas Picket Style Gate Size Options

    1) Full Gate Section @ 115cm (wide) = Gate Section made up of a small panel, post and gate at the same width as a standard picket/play area fencing panel.

    2) Gate Only 500-950mm (wide) This will come with hinges, screws and latch chosen in the options

    Please leave the total gap size, that you want the gate to fit between if choosing option 2 (gate only 500-950mm) And we will minus the clearance for the gate to fit correctly.


    Fence Plan

    Send us your plan and we will work out your complete fencing area. These will also be suitable for other types of fencing you may have, please contact us with your bespoke requirements.


    No Posts, 2 x Posts


    75cm, 90cm


    White, Multi-coloured, Brown, Golden Oak, Dark Grey