Plastic Post Chain Fencing 600mm

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Tekplas’ Chain Fencing kits contain everything you will need to easily install a good looking and durable chain fence which will enhance your garden.

LEAD TIMES: Typical lead time is 12-15 working day(s). All orders are built to order in our UK factory.
Golden Oak
Dark Grey
Standard inc. Ground Spike
Long Cement Post
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  • High Quality PVC Product
  • Strong Rigid Construction
  • Very Hygienic – Easy Clean Wipeable Surface
  • Choice of Colours:  White / Brown / Golden Oak / Dark Grey
  • Quick Assembly and Disassembly
  • Maintenance Free
  • Suitable for Indoor and Outdoor Use

Tekplas Decorative Plastic Post Chain Fencing kits contain everything you will need to easily install a good looking and durable chain fence which will enhance your garden.

The length of the chain in each box is 1400mm (approx. 5ft), this means that the maximum spacing between posts should be no more than 1225mm (approx. 4ft) post centre, this will allow for a pleasing arc to the chain. However, should you wish to install your posts closer together, simply cut the chain to the required length. Our posts are 75mm square


Post Type Selection

We offer Three post options:

  1. Standard Post – Post Only
  2. Standard Post – Comes with 70cm ground spike
  3. Longer Post to cement – recommended option

Our standard post height which will come with a 70cm ground spike. You knock the ground spike into the ground between 300-400mm and then slide the post over the top. The 70cm spike is more of a temporary type of fixing. The ground will also need to be fairly soft.

Secondly, you can cement the post into the ground which is our recommended option. We will provide posts which are 250mm longer in order for you to do so. If your fitting the chain link fencing to solid ground, please see our fixing page for our solid floor fixing.

How many kits will I need (Important please read)

To decide how many kits you will need for your fence, simply measure the total length of the distance you want to fill with the chain link fencing and decide on the distance between your posts (our as standard are spaced at 1225mm or 4ft spacing). But it can be smaller if required and the plastic chain is easy to cut down and divide this number into the overall length. This will give you the number of kits needed, you will need to purchase a finishing post to complete the fencing run unless your finishing onto a hook on the wall. If you are splitting the fence run into different sections you will need a finishing post per separate section you make. Please see related items for the finishing post or go to the fixings page.

  • Height 600mm
  • Width 1225mm


Installation of Post Chain Fencing

  • Glue Post Cap using a PVC Solvent cement or household silicone for a temporary hold
  • Take care when pushing the steel spike into the ground (suitable for soft ground only)
  • You can use post mix to concrete the spike into the ground,
  • Posts cut longer to cement into the ground for an excellent fixing


Chain Fencing Kit List:

1 x Post 600mm
1 x 1400mm Chain Black or White
1 x Steel Spike 700mm long
1 x Spacer 575mm long
1 x Post Cap
1 x 150mm long U clip – Bent Solid PVC Rod for holding the chain


Select Colour

White, Brown, Golden Oak, Dark Grey

Chain Colour

Black, White

Post Height

Standard, Standard inc. Ground Spike, Long Cement Post

1 review for Plastic Post Chain Fencing 600mm

  1. Helen (verified owner)

    I ordered this product to surround my pond and to be honest was a little sceptical about ordering on line without having seen the product. Wow! I was not disappointed! This product is superb, from delivery to putting the fence up it screams quality. I cannot rate tekplas highly enough. Super easy to order, delivery as they said it would be and putting the fence together was super easy. Absolute 5 star review without a shadow of a doubt.

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